Our menu a la carte

                        Some tastes of raw fish with seasonal fruit                                                                                                  Euro 14,00 
                        Octopus carpaccio, buffalo milk cream, caramel of orange and roasted peppers                                 Euro 12,00
                        Stuffed squids with purple eggplants, restricted peeled tomato and chopped peanuts                      Euro 14,00
                        Marinated mackerel with lime and mint, apple smith and jelly wort grapes                                        Euro 12,00
                       Cream of dried beans, toasted turnip greens, marinara mussels                                                              Euro 12,00
                       Cream of leek, red candies onion and seafood                                                                                            Euro 12,00
                       Fried eggs mashed cauliflower, crispy bacon and black truffle                                                                Euro 12,00
                                                        Main course
                            Quenelle of fresh goat cheese, diced tomatoes and sea bass bottarga                 Euro 11,00
                    Guitar spaghetti with claws ok king crab, lime and pistachio                                          Euro 12,00
                    Potatoes dumplings with purple cabbage extract cabbage
                        and sweet gorgonzola cream                                                                                     Euro 11,00
                      Carnaroli rice with creamed mashed red onion from Tropea,
                        blurberries and scallops                                                                                           Euro 12,00
                     Black rice roasted in butter, pumpkin, shrimps and goat cheese                                     Euro 11,00
                   Beetroot ravioli stuffed with cod and crispy artichoke                                       Euro 12,00                  
                       Bronze drawing paccheri with fresh anchovies, mussels and pinenuts               Euro 11,00                  


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